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Costas Carastavrakis

Nicosia &  Limassol


8 & 10 March 2024


Costa Carastavrakis is a JHB Greek multitasker – who is a comedian, author, restaurant owner and marketing consultant.

His journey has been an interesting, colorful, and eventful one.

His real-world lived experience as a gay South African, Greek man faced prejudice in many forms and from a young age he learned to hide who I really was. Denying and failing to accept himself and his unique place in society nearly killed him. He developed coping mechanisms that included substance abuse which he wrote about in his book published in 2019: I Am Costa: From Meth To Marathons.

As we all know the Greeks invented not only the concept of Drama and dramatic arts but comedy. True to his Greek/Hellenic spirit Costa wanted to take all the lessons in his life and healings therefrom and turn it into something creative and full of light. That is where his comedy career was born.

His very first time on stage was at the New York Gotham Comedy Club in 2014 where he trained under Stephen Rosenfeld of the American Comedy institute. Since then he has performed all over Johannesburg with short appearances and even a stint in Malaysia last year.

He took the plunge last year and wrote his one man show Desperately Seeking Souvlaki. A South African Hellenic stand-up comedy feast. A 70 min show that takes the audience on a journey on what it’s like to be Costa in this world.


From hilarious gags about his upbringing to his dating escapades, Costa gets vulnerable showing not only the flaws in himself but in his community and South Africa. Such honesty, sharp wit and cheekiness mean no one is safe and many parallels can be drawn between all communities in SA and this Greek/Hellenic condition that Costa highlights. The show is directed by Cypriot South African, Renos Spanoudes who is one of South Africa’s top theatre directors.

Costa has performed the show selling out in 2023 over 10 times in Sandton Mandela Theatre, The Redhill arts festival, Cape Town and in Athens Greece.

This is his first trip ever to Cyprus.

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 Costas Carastavrakis | Gallery @ Skali Aglatzias, Nicosia




Costa Carastavrakis | Sto Dromo Bar, Limassol

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